How I Planned My Dream Wedding For Less Than $3,000.

Everybody is always thinking about weddings, and just how much they cost (and they cost a revolting amount of cash if you aren’t mindful). Here’s the story of how we did ours on the low-cost. Like ~ very ~ cheap. Like less-than-three-grand-cheap. Were the mothers happy? Check them out.

Everybody’s scenario is different. Whether my wedding sounds dreamy to you, I hope it helps any couple who reads it to think about imaginative options to help keep the cost of their dream wedding event within the grasp of their checking account’s reality. Here’s how my fiance and I interacted to spend for our wedding event and keep the expense under $3,000, without compromising anything we desired.

Location– $450.

Because we scheduled the tiniest chapel for an early morning wedding event on a Sunday, we had the ability to save a lot on the place. The chapel had actually stained and cut glass windows in a historic stone structure in midtown, with gorgeous woodwork within and a courtyard of blooming trees without. Chairs and set-up were consisted of in this charge. The space itself was genuinely so gorgeous, all we brought were a couple of vases of flowers for design.

Wedding clothing– $445.

My fiance needed a new match anyhow, so we splurged on his suit, however I discovered an off-the-rack little blush number on sale for less than seventy bucks that just made me feel effortlessly pretty and traditional. I had a set of heels that worked perfectly with it. Parents appeared to approve.

Flowers– $155.78.

I ordered about a hundred bulbs off Amazon, and put the bulbs in every casserole meal I owned . By lining the bottom of the dishes with little rocks and putting enough water to hardly touch the bottom of the bulbs, I was well on my method to beautiful blooms.

Within five weeks, I had aromatic spring flowers all over. If you choose to go this path, I suggest doing a little test batch initially. But it was so easy I believe even if you think you kill every plant you touch, you can still force flowers. It’s ridiculously easy, and buying bulk bulbs is such an affordable expense.

Brunch– $1,657

After our early morning ceremony, we invited our visitors to have breakfast with us at a beautiful restaurant. We had our own yard so it felt private, while still being outdoors and giving that fresh spring sensation.

We have some picky eaters in our household and we also didn’t want the hassle of a sit-down served meal. We went with a buffet- design brunch with a couple apps and several carafes of mimosas and house-made sodas for folks who do not imbibe. While being less formal but in gorgeous environments, it felt stylish however still light.